A parent or coach should never underestimate the influence they have.  Young athletes often choose their careers, colleges and future ambitions based on what they learn and feel from YOU! You play a gigantic roll in the development of your children.

Coaches and parents at the youth and high school levels have the most important role, even compared to college and professional levels. How they develop carries on into their adulthood as an employee, parent, college student, college athlete or even professional player. Your influence will have a profound impact on his or her chances of continuing on as a college or even professional athlete! Children will develop much of their confidence and self-esteem from you!

The development of a young athlete is more than teaching the fundamentals of a sport. Reinforcing confidence, how to make good decisions outside of the sport, the importance of family involvement and support, developing the player’s understanding of the team concept and helping each athlete understand goal setting are all equally important.


Rugby and Reme’s

Coaching Tips of the Month


Never ridicule, demean, or embarrass a youth athlete in front of his peers. This includes swearing, yelling, losing your temper, acting in disgust or posing a question to a child in front of his peers that you know he can not answer. Act as you want your players to act. Be poised and confident. If you ask a question of a child in front of his peers that you know he can not answer, you will embarrass him in front his or hers peers. This will also encourage his peers to act the same towards him. Teach, do not scold. Mistakes are made to be corrected. Use the teaching moment as an opportunity to show all the kids how to do something correctly.